Curriculum Vitae

Since August 2008, I am professor of Legal Philosophy and Jurisprudence at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Here, I have done research on conflicts in the multireligious society, on an interactionist theory of law and morality, and on legal research methods. In Rotterdam, I have taught courses on each of these themes as well as on jurisprudence and legal philosophy.

Between 1993 (since 1995 full time) and 2008, I worked at Tilburg University as senior researcher and full professor. In 1996, I received a PIONIER-grant from NWO for a broad interdisciplinary research programme on the importance of ideals in law, morality and politics, in which between 1996 and 2001 more than twenty researchers participated. In 2001, I was appointed as a full professor of jurisprudence (‘metajuridica’, or the interdisciplinary study of law) at the Tilburg Law School. In Tilburg, I taught courses in jurisprudence, legal philosophy and legal sociology.

From 1986 until 1994, I worked in Utrecht at the Centre for Bioethics and Health Law and at the Department of Philosophy. I taught courses in ethics and practical philosophy in the departments of philosophy, theology, social sciences and biology. In 1991, I defended my Ph.D. dissertation on the normative foundations of democracy, applied to issues such as minority rights and equal treatment legislation. At the Utrecht Center for Bioethics and Health Law, I worked as researcher and project leader Ethics and Law. I conducted and supervised research on a wide range of issues in bioethics and health law.

I have been Visiting Professor at Queen Mary University of London from 2014-2020, where I taught courses on jurisprudence and seminars on research methods. I have also had longer academic stays at the University of New South Wales, Sydney; the Centre for Ethics of the University of Toronto; the Center for Human Values in Princeton, N.J.; the Ersta Institute for Health Care Ethics, Stockholm; and the Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California at Berkeley.

From 1977 until 1985, I studied law and moral philosophy, at Utrecht University. My combined master thesis on civil disobedience was awarded with the Kluwer’s Post Scriptum Prize 1986 and published as a book.

I published ten books and small monographs (nine in Dutch, one in English) and co-edited six books (four in English, two in Dutch) and a double special issue of the Erasmus Law Review. I published in journals such as Ethics, Bioethics, Law and Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Ratio Juris, Journal of Value Inquiry, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, and Archiv für Rechts-und Sozialphilosophy. A number of my articles were translated into German, French and Turkish.

I have held various academic and societal positions. From 2002 until 2006, I was president of the national board of the Remonstrant Church, a liberal Protestant church.

My Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded here:

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